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Studio Roundup for January 2024

General / 07 March 2024

Garrett Ray Jewellery

Haute couture is a French term for high dressmaking, which refers to the creation of exclusive fashion items. At Garrett Ray Jewellery, you can find some real treasures within the One of a Kind collection and so this month we promoted this beautiful Toi et moi ring across their socials.

Featuring a pair of baby blue Aquamarine in a tapered baguette and octagon cut for a unique and contrasting pairing. This handmade toi et moi ring is part of the Garrett Ray One of a Kind Collection.

Traditionally used to express family coat of arms, signet rings are a popular choice for anyone wishing to convey their point of view whether it’s a unique design or the statement made by having no design at all.

Garrett Ray’s signet rings are the perfect blank canvas, either to add some flash to your outfit or to feature one of their unique sculptural designs.

Aquarians are clever and innovative, pushing boundaries and solving problems. Fearless and intellectual they are activists for good causes they believe in. The time of Aquarius begins on January 20th and so this month we made this vibrant banner to promote this pendant design.

The Aquarius medallion is available as part of the Garrett Ray Zodiac collection in sterling silver, 9k and 18k gold as a charm, signet ring , pendant or earrings.


Within a month of refactoring of the project to make it easier for others to contribute, Langenium saw it’s first pull request — which was promptly merged in. This is a very positive development as it’s our hope that we can scale this project with the combined efforts of the Open Studios team and the global open source community. The Langenium vision is to build a bespoke game engine and an MMORPG — both goals that take a phenomenal amount of time, people and resources to achieve.

Taking a few long nights, we’ve finally restored the server component of the engine — using a mix of old code and new. There’s also been a restoration of some old familiar bugs such as the choppy performance, but given we have the solutions hidden in the original server code it shouldn’t take too long to resolve.

The next step in the project is to restore other original game elements including firing of rails to cause damage, enemy bots and environment models. We are trying to do things a bit different this time too, the game will be playable without a server allowing simple local arcade play initially but with a goal to allow browser clients to connect to each other directly.

Platform building

As part of our commitment to openness, we have setup our own Wikimedia knowledgebase in order to share our curated knowledge and insights with the world. Focusing on creative and technical matters as they relate to freelancers but also including sections for family recipes for cheap eats and others life stuff. The newly launched Open Studios Wiki is still being populated with content from our initial content plan, but once that process is complete we will be opening things up so others can contribute too.

The first major article we’ve got is about Self Hosted Applications. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested in experimenting with open source software and/or want some industry insight to self hosting.

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