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Studio Roundup for July 2023

General / 29 August 2023

Business profile

As a business based out of our own home and that primarily deals with its clients via the internet, we didn’t want to list our address online. Thankfully we were still able to get listed on Google Business!

There were some issues with uploading images at first, but the friendly team at Google Support swiftly resolved the issue. It was just a hiccup with automation thinking my aesthetic for the office was “irrelevant” to the business listing…

With all the quality and customer service problems with large companies these days, this was a refreshing outcome.

Garrett Ray Jewellery

The month of July has a number of celebrations for freedom, independence and country. Among the best known are Independence Day in the United States and International Nelson Mandela Day. It’s fitting then that July is also the month of the star sign Leo.

Leo the proud lion, sculpted in precious metals with his majestically windswept mane.

Viva Magenta is the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2023. If you’re looking for a statement with a bit of class and sophistication, then check out this pink kunzite gold pendant. Handmade with love in our Perth workshop.

Celebrate Viva Magenta with this Pink Kunzite and 18k Gold Pendant Necklace

The Ancient Greeks believed opals granted the gift of prophecy and warded from disease. To the Australian Indigenous people — the opal is called the fire of the desert. World renowned for their brilliant colours, these exhilarating gemstones have many uses. These opal studs feature two genuine Coober Pedy opals set in sterling silver, also available in gold.

Studs earrings with solid white crystal opals from Coober Pedy in South Australia.

Portfolio ( progress update )

Building a company portfolio that showcases what you can do is a daunting challenge, more so when a good deal of your output is confidential, or owned by someone else, so you can never use it for your own marketing. In this frustrating position, we turn to Open Studios internal projects and brands for pieces of work that we can actually share with the public.

Not understanding how others used Artstation, we initially created a larger “Project” listing for each item in our portfolio. With just a dozen projects we can show, the page was looking a little bit empty. Upon reviewing what others were doing it was clear that our approach was in error — everyone is doing the typical social media thing of regularly posting to stay relevant — so we realised those twelve or so projects posts should have been broken up into their own portfolio entries — i.e. one for character art, another one for vehicles, another one for landscapes, etc.

The portfolio now stands at approximately twenty six projects, we are looking to get it up to thirty using just our back catalogue. It’s been nice walking down memory lane and revisiting past projects, we hope you enjoy perusing them as much as we did when putting this together!

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