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Studio Roundup for September 2023

General / 29 October 2023

Art feature

This month we relaunched our brand with a new logo, website and supporting artwork. In order to have a fully rounded package of graphics to use for our new branding we also produced a relaunch trailer, featuring a futuristic car zooming towards a cyberpunk remix version of Perth. Elements of this animation are reused on the new Open Studios website as backgrounds and social media accounts as banners.

Modelled and rendered in Blender and then finished with DaVinci Resolve, this was a lot of fun to make and set the tone for our new branding. We’re working on an extended version which will feature clips of our other work.

Check out the To Another World video:

Garrett Ray Jewellery

Demarking the changing of the seasons, The first of September is the beginning of Autumn in the Northern dome and the start of Spring in the South. September is also the month for the Astrological sign Libra, symbolised by a pair of scales.

The scales represent balance and harmony, two important aspects of a Libra’s personality. Charming and peaceful, Libra’s value balance in all things. Governing from September 23 to October 23.

The Garrett Ray Libra set features the scales of the Goddess of Justice, Astraea. Available in sterling silver, 9k and 18k gold and a variety of styles.

Jewellery isn’t just something pretty to wear out, it can tell the world a bit about who you are and what you value. The right piece can also be empowering, even protective. In that spirit we promoted the sunstone shield pendant necklace, symbolising the protection of ones happiness.

Tech insight

When Three.JS hit the scene over a decade ago, it made waves in web development unlocking a whole new realm for developers who could write Javascript to begin making their own 3D applications. The adoption of Three.JS has been steady, but slow going in our view. In an effort to popularise current WebGL technology and show our ability to use Three.JS, we made our entire website a high end experience that you’d normally only see in an AAA video game.

If you’d like to know more about that and how we built it, check out the retrospective by Paul Brzeski.

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