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Studio Roundup for December 2023

General / 04 February 2024

3D Music Videos

This month we decided to work on some music videos to develop our skills and learn some of the additional features within Blender.

Paul worked on a Geometry Node based video for Daft Punk’s Digital Love moving elements of a normally static scene dance along to the beat.

Garrett is working on a cartoon version of Lady Gaga’s Applause music video, recreating the fashionable costumes and sets as close as possible.

Some of the T posed cartoon models developed by Garrett.

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Garrett Ray Jewellery

With Christmas at the centre of global marketing efforts this month, we decided to start December 2023 with something a bit different. This short 3D animation was made in Blender to promote the Key shaped charm from the Cottagecore collection. Check it out below!

The water goat Capricornus oversees those born in the month of December. Celebrating these patient and reserved individuals, we promoted our Capricornus charm with this banner.

Part of the Garrett Ray Zodiac Collection. Available made to order in sterling silver, 9k and 18k gold.

The Blossom collection is inspired by the Sakura, or cherry blossom, trees of Japan. Featuring a stunning pink spinel set on a beautiful custom design. This is a limited run product that we decided to celebrate with a bouquet of flowers growing on a tree branch.

Check out the Blossoms collection. Made with 18k White Gold and 0.4 carat pink spinel.

To celebrate the Christmas holidays, we promoted this gorgeous Yule ring set on an inviting backdrop featuring all those classic winter icons.

This render of the Yule ring was made for this promotion, requiring additional work to place reflections and shadows as well as some finishing touches. The Yule design is available on a number of products.


Having a clear schedule this month, a lot of work went into reintegrating the Open Studios websites code back into the Langenium client code that has been in place since 2015 (dubbed “v5"). The v5 codebase was written to be serverless and work using free Github Pages hosting, v6 will be a hybrid that will allow standalone or multiplayer modes of operation.

Using SVG based flight instruments from WikiCommons, we have synced the needle on the airspeed but the calculation isn’t accurate yet. More work will go into fixing accuracy once we start to put the server together next month. The shared codebase means time has to be spent strategically as some elements, if overdeveloped, may not be useful in the next sprint.

Networking and community

This month was Freo Startup Fest, part of the West Tech Fest event promoting tech startups. We made some new friends, had some great laughs — would definitely go again next year!

Starting our commitment to being a hub for others to practise their craft and collaborate — we now have a private Slack channel for digital technical and creative people. Next month we’ll be looking to setup a learning resource as well, most likely using something like MediaWiki.

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